Success Stories: Indian Women Who Broke Educational Barriers.


India has a long history of producing outstanding and inspiring women women who have changed the nation and the world by making important contributions in a variety of professions. Women play a significant role in society. However, women have contributed to the world’s stability, growth, and long-term growth. Whether they are homemakers, engineers, teachers, or something else entirely, they use their strength, resolve, and belief to make the world a better place to live.

Savitribai Phule-

Savitri Phule is one of the greatest inspiring women of our India. She was a poet from Maharashtra, India . She has made a great contribution to our society and especially towards girl’s education. Towards society her contributions are like this:-

  • She became the first female teacher in India.
  • She set up first school for girls with his husband in india , in 1848.
  • She worked for the rights of women in India.
  • She also tried to end the unfair treatment and social class based on sex in india.
  • She had challenged the gender roles prevalent , when the British colonised India .

Fathima Beevi –

Fatima Beevi was born in Kerala and studied Law after encouraging of his father . She has created history after becoming a judge in the Supreme Court of India. In her over71 years of journey, she made such many great works :

  • She was the first female judge of the Supreme Court in India .
  • She was the first Muslim woman to be appointed to any of the higher judiciaries in the country .
  • She topped the bar Council exam and became
  • the first woman to receive a bar Council gold medal.
  • She had also worked as a district and sessions judge and a High Court judge .
  • She has also served in national Human Right Commission and governor of Tamil Nadu .

Kalpana Chawla –

Kalpana Chawla was the first Indo-American women astronaut and aerospace engineer who flew to space. In 1997, she first flew the space shuttle Columbia. There are some reasons why Kalpana Chawla is renowned:-

  • When Kalpana Chawla became the first Indian woman to fly into space in 1971, history was created.
  • As the principal robotic arm operator and mission specialist, she made her space shuttle Columbia debut.
  • Her talent and hard work have inspired young people around the world.
  • Kalpana Chawla was one of seven named after the Columbia’s crew.
  • In the name of Kalpana Chawla, the Govt of Karnataka has instituted an award named “ The Kalpana Chawla award” to recognize young women scientists.

Anandibai Joshi –

One outstanding example of Indian women’s empowerment is Anandibai Joshi. In both India and the USA, she served as an inspiration for several women who wished to become doctors. She has done some incredible work which is like these:-

  • The first female physician from India was Anandibai Joshi.
  • She was the first Hindu woman to receive a formal medical education.
  • Anandibai also became the first woman from the Bombay presidency of India, who had graduated with a two-year degree in Western medicine from a foreign country.
  • Anandiben has a rich legacy. She inspired many women with her courage to tackle all obstacles that came in the way of her education.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw –

Kiran mazumdar is a great Indian billionaire entrepreneur. Her life and achievements inspire a lot and her story has become a great women’s empowerment story. She is the founder and executive chairperson of Biocon limited & Biocon Biologics limited, in Bangalore. She got some achievements like this :-

  • She was awarded by Padma shri (1989) and Padma Bhushan (2005).
  • She received Othmer Gold Medal and Global Economy Prize for Business ( 2014).
  • In 2016, she received the Knight of the National Order of the French Legion of Honour.
  • In 2017, she became the receiver of the AWSM award for excellence.
  • She received an EY Entrepreneur of the year India award and ICMR’s Lifetime Achievement award for Outstanding Achievement in Healthcare in 2019.
  • In 2020 , she received an Order of Australia award .

Tessy Thomas –

Tesy Thomas is an Indian scientist and Director General of Aeronautical Systems. She is the former Project Director for Agni-4 missiles in DRDO.
She has done some great work towards Science in India:-

  • Tessy Thomas, known as the ‘Missile Women’ of India.
  • Tessy Thomas is the first Indian women scientist to head a missile project in India.
  • For the long-range missile system, she designed the guidance scheme , which is used in all Agni missiles.
  • She also served as the project director of the Agni-4 and Agni-5 missiles.
  • She is an expert in solid propellant systems.

Arunima Sinha-

Arunima Sinha is a great example of courage , dedication and sacrifice . She has proven that with courage and dedication, you can do anything. Arunima Sinha is an Indian mountaineer. Arunima is the worlds first female amputee who scale 7 mountain peaks. She was deeply inspired by Youvraj Sings’ life journey, who successfully battled cancer .
Her life’s achievement’s can be seen like this:-

  • Arunima Sinha is the world’s first female amputee mountaineer who climbed 7 mountain peeks.
  • She scale Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kosciuszko, Aconcagua, Denali and Vinson Massif.
  • She got prestigious ‘ Padma Shri ‘ and Tenzing Norgay Highest Mountaineering Award in 2015.
  • Arunima also received her honorary doctorate from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow,UK.
  • She made it to the list of ‘People of the Year’ by Limca Book of Record and ‘ First Lady Award’ in 2016.

Radhika Menon –

When Radhika Menon was elevated to the rank of Captain in the Indian Merchant Navy, she brought pride to the nation. In addition, she has received numerous honours for her gallantry, commitment, and exceptional work.
Some of her achievements are like this:-

  • She is the 1st female captain of the Indian Merchant Navy.
  • She also leads the oil products product tanker Suvarna Swarajya.
  • She was granted the esteemed Exceptional Bravery at Sea award in 2016.
  • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has also given her an award for managing a rescue effort that saved the lives of seven fishermen.
  • Radhika Menon has also received the Naari Shakti Award from the Honourable President.

Rukhmabai Bhosale –

Rukhnabai is a well-known person from the medical field. She has done so much for the country she sacrificed her life for the treatment of the country’s people. There are some achievements that she made while serving for the country:

  • In 1984 she received the “Doctor of Medicine award from the London School of Medicine for women.
  • She also became the first Indian woman who receive a medical degree in 1886.
  • Rukhmabai Bhosle was the second woman who received both a medical degree and practiced medicine.
  • In 1895 she was appointed as chief medical officer in India.
  • In 1918 she got the role in the women’s medical service.
  • She established the Red Cross Society at Rajkot.

Sarojini Naidu –

An outstanding political activist was Sarojini Naidu. She was a key figure in the Indian independence movement that opposed the British Raj. Sarojini Naidu fought alongside other liberation fighters against the British.
She has also had some great achievements like this:

  • Because of her poetry and the use of colour, imagery, and lyrics, Sarojini Naidu is called “ The Nightingale of India.”
  • She also titles “ Bharat Kokila by Gandhi Ji.
  • She was the first Indian woman appointed as president of the Indian National Congress.
  • After Independence, Naidu became the Governor of India.
  • The Quit India Movement and the Civil Disobedience Movement have greatly benefited from Sarojini Naidu’s services.

Conclusion :

These women represent but a small portion of the numerous exceptional women in India. These women, along with countless others, have left an enduring mark on Indian history and continue to motivate future generations with their bravery, wit, and persistence.