What We Do

Our Current Programs

SK Cares

SKinRange Vision Foundation has tied up with Sat Kartar Shopping Ltd., to provide support to employee families, in case of death of employee while working with Sat Kartar. This is a unique program that helps the next of kin of the deceased employee to receive a part of the salary of the employee for lifetime. The program also assists the spouse/parents of the employees to receive training and counselling so that they can join a job. The program is fully funded by Sat Kartar under its SK Cares initiative.

Health for All

SkinRange Vision Foundation aims to provide access to quality healthcare to the vulnerable sections of the society. Infant mortality and women's health are of particular focus to our organization. We believe in holistic treatments and therefore would focus on Yoga and Ayurveda.

Addiction-free Society

Our goal is an addiction free society, as addiction leads to social, marital, health along with financial ruin. We have been consciously following a holistic counselling and guidance path for treatment with Ayurveda and Yoga.


Education is the right of every child. Our endeavour is to make education accessible to the poor, as well as ensure further education for those who tend to drop out due to paucity of funds. Our soon to be launched scholarship program will use crowdfunding to gather funds for such students.